• Willoughby Bay

    Willoughby Bay is a large indentation on the southeastern coast of Antigua.  The terrain is hilly, and hiking and backpacking are popular activities here.  The views from the hilltops are fabulous.  Watching the waves break on the rocks and beaches, with the attendant sound, is one of the great pleasures read more

  • Nonsuch Bay

    Nonsuch Bay is a 40-acre hillside property offering spectacular views of its own pristine bay.  The beach here is secluded, and perfect for long walks, sunbathing or partaking in the water sports offered by the resort.  The villas here are privately owned, and travelers have the choice of renting 1, read more

  • Long Bay

    Long Bay Beach is located on the east side of Antigua, just a few minutes from the village of Willikies.  Long Bay is graced with some of the finest white sand on the island, and the crystal clear waters make it an excellent swimming and snorkeling beach.  If you’re looking read more

  • Half Moon Bay

    On the southeast coast lies one of the greatest beaches in the entire Caribbean. Half Moon Bay has been voted one of the top 10 Caribbean Beaches by nearly every travelers’ magazine and website.  Half Moon Bay lies near the village of Freetown, and offers something for everyone. The middle read more

  • Green Island

    Just off the east coast of Antigua lies the uninhabited island of Green Island. This miniature paradise is a favorite mooring spot for boats of all sizes, and offers excellent snorkeling and diving. Kayaking and paddle boarding are very popular here. The beaches are mostly deserted, and if you’re looking for read more

  • Exchange Bay

    The eastern side of the island takes you to Exchange Bay.  This is a large, calm, and beautiful bay, so it is sometimes hard to imagine why it is so empty. The beach primarily serves the villas and houses that are found just behind it, most of which have personal read more

  • Devil’s Bridge

    On the remote northeastern end of Antigua you will find Indian Town Point, a national park.  Within that is Devil’s Bridge, a geological oddity carved by wave action over eons. The soft limestone portion of the rock was gradually worn away, leaving a bridge that towers over the crashing surf read more