• Creole Cruises

    Imagine yourself gliding across clear turquoise waters, the Caribbean breeze gently cooling you, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful views of Antigua. Once you arrive at the secluded Island, begin to visualize stepping from the boat onto a white sandy beach. Jump into the Caribbean Sea, immersing read more

  • Hog Bay & Rubbish Bay

    If you’re looking for a secluded, peaceful beach, look no further than Hog and Rubbish Bay.  Littered with driftwood and other detritus washed up by the Atlantic Ocean and offer great opportunities for beachcombing.   Listen to the waves break on the beach, watch the sea birds frolic, and feel the read more

  • Green Island

    Just off the east coast of Antigua lies the uninhabited island of Green Island. This miniature paradise is a favorite mooring spot for boats of all sizes, and offers excellent snorkeling and diving. The beaches are mostly deserted, and if you’re looking for quiet beach time, this is your spot. read more

  • Great Bird Island

    Bird Island is a 20 acre islet lying almost three kilometers north-east of Antigua. Over 20,000 tourists visit Great Bird Island annually who generally regard it as a “desert island” dream. Named by sailors who were amazed at the number of birds that they found living and nesting there, Great read more

  • St. John’s Cathedral

    This beautiful historic church took a great deal of work to build. Before the cathedral was built, two churches had already stood there, one built in 1681 and one built in 1720. This current cathedral was planned in 1842, when the Diocese of Antigua was created. The cathedral planned to read more

  • Nelson’s Dockyard National Park

    THE ONLY CONTINUOUSLY WORKING GEORGIAN DOCKYARD IN THE WORLD INFORMATION Nelson’s Dockyard is the largest of Antigua’s National Parks and is still used today as a working dockyard for numerous yachts and ships. Fully restored to its original splendor, the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings of the Dockyard house modern amenities read more

  • Dockyard Museum

    The Dockyard Museum was built to commemorate Nelson’s Dockyard, the only continuously working Georgian dockyard in the world. Learn the history of this maritime landmark, from the earliest days of colonial occupation through battles and wars, up to its renovation as the premier tourist attraction on the island. This delightful read more

  • Devil’s Bridge

    On the remote northeastern end of Antigua you will find Indian Town Point, a national park.  Within that is Devil’s Bridge, a geological oddity carved by wave action over eons.  The soft limestone portion of the rock was gradually worn away, leaving a bridge that towers over the crashing surf read more

  • Christian Valley Agricultural Station

    Christian Valley Agricultural Station has the best collection of mature fruit trees in Antigua. These beautiful groves are home to mangoes, citrus fruits, avocado, guava, Malay apples, cashews, breadfruit, soursop, and many other rare and special tropical fruits. The forest makes an enjoyable and exotic visit for the whole family. read more

  • Carpenters Rock Trail

    This moderate to strenuous 1½-mile long trail up Shirley Heights starts at the far end of Freeman’s Bay, at the end of Galleon Beach. It takes you past a ruined fort and treats you to supreme views of the rugged coastline and rock formations. Do watch out for cactus thorns, read more

  • Betty’s Hope Sugar Plantation

    Betty’s Hope was the first large sugar plantation on Antigua, and its success led to the island’s rapid development of large-scale sugar production. Although the only surviving structures are two stone sugar mills and the remains of the stillhouse, the site’s importance in Antiguan history has prompted the government to begin read more

  • Bethesda Tamarind Tree

    This beautiful landmark is one of the most important trees in Antiguan history. Antigua, long a colony renowned for its sugar production, was controlled by a number of wealthy magnates. In 1951, the workers on the Antigua Sugar Estates had been on strike for three months when the wealthy employer read more

  • Temo Sports

    Temo Sports is located in Historic English Harbour overlooking Falmouth Harbour Marina.  The complex was opened in April 1987, and has been providing recreational facilities to visitors and residents since that time. These include two synthetic grass floodlit tennis courts and two glass backed international squash courts. After playing you read more

  • South Coast Horizons

    South Coast Horizons is a beautiful all-inclusive hotel offering well-appointed rooms, as well as fascinating eco-tours of the grounds. A palm garden, walk-through bird cage, pyramid park or a trip through the lagoon will delight any adventure seeker. Our secluded beach is perfect for those who love peace and quiet. read more