• Creole Cruises

    Imagine yourself gliding across clear turquoise waters, the Caribbean breeze gently cooling you, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful views of Antigua. Once you arrive at the secluded Island, begin to visualize stepping from the boat onto a white sandy beach. Jump into the Caribbean Sea, immersing read more

  • Adventure Antigua Tours

    Adventure Antigua has been taking guests to the most beautiful coastal destinations by boat since 1999. Started by Eli Fuller, a third generation Antiguan adventurer, this company is different than many other snorkeling and sightseeing tour companies because each trip was carefully designed to make sure that guests get the read more

  • Seabreeze Cafe/Bar/Gelateria

    If “location” is worth anything, Seabreeze is very wealthy.   There are fewer more scenic spots than the boardwalk at Antigua Yacht Club Marina, and Seabreeze is directly on the water at this lovely oasis.  Open from 6:30am every morning, Seabreeze is the yachting crowd’s favorite place for breakfast, lunch, dinner or read more

  • D-Boat Antigua

    D-Boat can be summed up in one word: Unique.  Take a retired oil tanker, convert it into a party boat for all ages, add a gargantuan water slide that propels you into the Caribbean Sea, toss in great food and beverages, and you have this family-friendly attraction moored just offshore at read more

  • Club Sushi

    Club Sushi is Antigua’s new Culinary delight adding Japanese flavours to the vibrant fabric of Restaurants in English Harbour. Sushi, fresh and delicious, steaks, and Japanese cuisine of all kinds make this a favorite hangout in English Harbour. Club Sushi is operated from the Antigua Yacht Club Members’ Lounge and read more

  • Jolly Harbour

    Jolly Harbour is the number one destination in all of Antigua. It’s a gated community of over 500 villas on two fingers, North Finger and South Finger, that jut out into the harbour. Both fingers have beaches, one very private and uncrowded, the other larger, with a beachside bar and read more

  • Nelson’s Dockyard at English Harbour

    Nelson’s Dockyard has been classified as a cultural heritage site, located at the extreme southern end of the island. The dockyard and marina sit in English Harbour and are part of Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island.  This 14-acre site is perfect for read more

  • English & Falmouth Harbour

    English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour are on the extreme south end of Antigua, and take their names from the natural deep water harbours found there.  The British Royal Navy used English Harbour as their base on the island starting in the 1700s, and the old battlements and fortifications can still read more

  • St. Johns Harbour

    St. John’s Harbour is the beating heart of this bustling city. Cruise ships sail right up to the docks at Heritage Quay or Redcliffe Quay, and disembarking passengers find myriad shops, restaurants, bistros, bars and cafes ready to accommodate them. Taxi drivers stand ready to whisk their guests around the read more